Ryad Sara: Description

1st patio
Ground floor
B'hou opening onto patio2 bedrooms (with shower room)
First Floor
1 bedrooms ( with shower room)
2 bedrooms "master" (1 with shower room & 1 with bathroom)

2nd patio
Ground floor
Swiming pool
Reception room
1bedroom (with shower room)
First Floor
2 bedrooms ( with shower room)
1 bedrooms ( with bathroom)
3rd patio
Ground floor
B'hou opening onto small, pretty patio
First floor
3 bedrooms (2 with shower room and 1 with bathroom)

Possible to add extra beds in 2 rooms
Possible to arrange rooms as twins

Caidal tent, seats, cushions, low tables & Spa area

As the terrace in this house is'nt accessible, guests are invited to use the terrace of Dar Sara provided it has not been exclusively reserved. Dar Sara and Sara Srira are inter-connected.

Possible to add 7 additional beds
Possible to arrange rooms as doubles, singles or twins
Bedrooms" master" are more spacious
Airport Transfers, Dinners, Hammam, Massage, Beauty, Wifi, Public Parking, Porter Services